Rescaled decals

What gets rescaled and how

Most decals in our range can be rescaled to the scale of your choice. 

This is a "rescale" in which the original 1/144 scale decal gets blown up or down to the scale of your choice. It is not an entirely new decal adapted to a specific kit — unfortunately we do not have the kits to test fit everything.

Rescaled decals are laser printed only. The majority of our original 1/144 scale decals consist of a laser printed decal sheet bundled with a silkscreened detail set : the detail set will be included and converted for laser print. Some colours that cannot be laser printed will be lost in the process : white will be missing, silver and gold will be replaced by non metallic equivalents.

The layout of the decal will be rearranged to fit the new scale. Details such as doors and windows will be repositioned to make them easy to apply. 

Here is an exemple of how things come out with the Camair-Co Boeing 767 :