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  • Laser and silk

    Our range comprises both laser printed and silkscreened decals. See how they are made and how you can work with them.

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    Most decals in our range can be rescaled to the scale of your choice. Rescaled decals are laser printed only. See how and why.

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    Many talented modelers share images of their work. Beautiful modeling and photography skills.

Questions and answers

The practical side of things

Welcome to F-DCAL French Decals.

It all started in 2002, from the idea of sharing a hobby and experimenting laser printed decals for the first time.
This modest venture has grown up into the present day website : thank you everyone for your trust and continued support over the years.

F-DCAL is not a big company, it is not may day job either — this is why it remains such a pleasure : )
As many of you already know, I want you to be happy with the decals.
So do not hesitate to get in touch if you need anything : I will be happy to help.

You can purchase our decals directly from this web site.

The price of the decals are quoted in Euros (€) and do not include shipping. All payments must be made in Euros (€).

We offer the following payment methods :

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- PayPal.
- Bank transfers.
- Checks in Euros at no extra cost if drawn on a French bank - if not, be aware that there will be an additional 15% administrative charge. Checks must be written to Philippe Lenard.

Most decals are printed, cut and packed to order. On average, please allow at least two weeks before we dispatch your order.

We send your orders by the French postal services "La Poste" by Regular Priority mail or Registered mail. Registered mail is with tracking number and will require your signature upon receipt. We do not use UPS-type services because they are very expensive in France, with typical international rates from 20,00 € to 75,00 €.

  • Orders under 45,00 Euros (€) can be sent either by Priority (without tracking number) or Registered mail (with tracking number) : you will have the choice when placing your order.
  • Orders over 45,00 Euros (€) are automatically Registered.
  • Orders for some parts of the World where we have experienced too many losses are now Registered only.

Delivery time from day of dispatch is approximately 1 to 2 working days in France, 3 to 5 days in Europe and 7 to 10 days outside Europe.

Shipping rates are as follows depending on the amount of your order :

  • Priority Mail (without tracking number)
    - From 00,00 to 19,99 € : 2,25 €
    - From 20,00 to 34,99 € : 3,85 €
    - From 35,00 to 44,99 € : 5,50 €
  • Registered Mail (with tracking number)
    - From 00,00 to 19,99 € : 6,75 €
    - From 20,00 to 34,99 € : 7,25 €
    - From 35,00 to 44,99 € : 9,00 €
    - From 45,00 to 69,99 € : 11,00 €
    - From 70,00 to 99,99 € : 14,00 €
    - From 100,00 to 149,99 € : 21,00 €
    - From 150,00 to 500,00 € : 23,00 €

All laser decals are ready and available. Silkscreened decals are available as long as they are posted on our web site. If they are momentarily out of stock while being reprinted, they will be advertised as such.

Silk screened decals

Just trim off the subject, dip it into water and slide it on to the kit. These decals are easy to use and require no particular precaution.

The can be coated with a clear coat before or after applying them but this is by no means compulsory.

They support decal softening solutions.

Laser printed decals

Directions are basically identical. Because they are not made industrially they can be or feel more fragile depending on decal paper consistency.

Clear coating is not necessary before application but if you wish to do so you should use an airbrush and apply light coats. Clear coating after application is fine and obviously up to your taste.

Decal softening solutions are supported too.

Purchases from F-DCAL are protected by the European directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights and the French Consumer Code (art. L121-21). Orders can be withdrawn within 14 days after delivery and returned within another 14 days without penalty or explanation. Orders will be totally refunded.

We are based in the French countryside, 40 kilometers east of Paris. Except for the silk screening part for which a professional printer is obviously required required, everything else is done and managed there.

F-DCAL is registered under French law (SIRET : 512 949 801).

Our postal address

BP 25
77610 Fontenay-Trésigny

Or send us an email (here)